The Rainbow has to be seen...

We only allow Rainbow owners to demonstrate and show the true benefits within the home.


A Rainbow owner since 1996.

"I wanted to supplement my income at the time and decided to become a demonstrator".

In 1998, I realised that the Rainbow business offered me far more and decided to give it my full attention".

HOME PRESENTATION vacuum cleaner

Requesting a home demonstration is easy...

Debbie is one of Rainbow's demonstrators ever respectful of being invited in to your home, will show the true benefits of the Rainbow cleaning system in a manner representing the Rainbow Philosophy.

Click here to book a presentation..

Mr & Mrs Hinds reflected later, "we were nervous sbout someone coming in to our home until we saw how polite and friendly Debbie was, we enjoyed every minute".

A Rainbow home presentation lasts for little over 1 hour to truly understand and see the true benefits of this remarkable cleaning sytem.

We are there at your invitation and if at any time you wish to cancel the demonstration, we will pick-up our equipment, leave you with your fabulous free gift and offer a very big thank you for your hospitality.


Everyone of the millions of Rainbows made since 1936 has been produced to exacting standards. We have created a huge reputation for reliability and efficiency.


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